911 Killer? The Porsche Cayman GT4

In the automotive world it is generally agreed that the Porsche Cayman has been held back in order not to eclipse it's older brother, the 911. With a mid-engine chassis, the Cayman is inherently more balanced than the rear-engine 911. Even though they have the Cayman GTS model in their lineup, they have never put GT(insert number here) badge on a Cayman.

Enter the Cayman GT4, Porsche's new car to be emblazoned with the GT moniker. The Cayman GT4 has a 385hp flat-six, 20 inch wheels with sticky rubber, and some trick pieces from the 911 GT3. The best part? It's only available with a manual transmission. The car should be good for 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 295 km/h. I'd like to remind you that Porsche is known to be conservative with their numbers. On top of its ability to move forwards at high a high velocity, it should be able to corner and stop just as well. The car sits 30mm lower than the standard Cayman with more down-force and generously sized brakes. 

The car also looks spectacular in either colour shown here (I'd take one in blue if anyone is feeling generous). The aggressive front end and large fixed wing are functional, with the side-effect of looking awesome. The interior is equally sporty, with lots of alcantara and a small diameter steering wheel. Hopefully some more details will be released during the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show. Will it be a 911 Killer? So far, I would rather have this than any Porsche south of the 911 GT3. With that said, I'm glad Porsche has injected more performance into the Cayman and I look forward to seeing some driving impressions and reviews to be released. You could argue this Cayman is still being held back with 90 less horsepower than the 911 GT3, but it looks to be a well balanced sports car for a little less than astronomical amounts of money. 

Check out this video to see the beast in motion!