Evolution Evolved: Part 1

For those of you who don't know, I drive a 1998 Mitsubishi Evolution V. It has everything a late 90's rally car needs: a turbo motor, a massive wing and all-wheel drive. Though I love the car, it has been quite problematic in the short time I have owned it. If you want to read about the purchase of the car and my problems you can do that here, but this isn't about problems. This is about solutions

Since my motor is on its last legs, I have been spending countless hours researching which direction to go with a build. When starting a build you need to make the right decisions for your application. Though there are 11,000rpm drag racing Evos, that is not something I am interested in doing. I plan on taking the car to track-days and auto-cross events and I drive this car every day. I even deliver pizza in it! With this in mind, my philosophy with this car is to improve turbo spool up and torque rather than horsepower. Though horsepower allows a car to travel fast, torque is what gives you the initial kick in the ass that we all love. 

The stock motor has a displacement of 2.0L, and originally I thought I would stroke the motor to 2.3L, but I have decided on a different path. 2.3L is the maximum safe displacement on the stock 4G63 block but there is a way to get some more displacement. Using the far more common 4G64 block found in many Mitsubishis, Hyundais, and Chryslers, a displacement of 2.4L can be achieved. Since this block is more common, it is also much cheaper. It also is going to help the car make more torque, noise and all that other fun stuff.

One of the possible donor cars for a 4G64 block: The Dodge Colt Vista 4WD

The short block will be sourced from Modern Automotive Performance, a trusted performance shop that made 1053 whp on their own 2.4L drag car. With forged internals, I should be able to achieve any foreseeable power goal knowing the motor will not be the weak point. My existing heads will be refreshed if needed and GSC Power-Division S1 cams will be installed. The uprated cams should help the larger motor breath, though not be too aggressive to effect drivability. The motor will be assembled with new OEM gaskets and stronger studs. An ACT heavy duty clutch will be installed as well since it will be accessible and will also handle any extra torque the larger motor produces with ease.

I'm sticking with the stock turbo but its performance will be increased thanks to a Trust/Greddy Spec-LS intercooler kit with hard pipes and a MAP stainless steel O2 eliminator down-pipe that will connect to my 5zigen cat-back exhaust. The O2 eliminator down-pipe will be open dump, further improving spool-up and ultimately making a lot more noise at full boost! The car will be dyno tuned on the stock ECU but I am not really sure what kind of power to expect since there are not many examples of 2.4L builds with stock turbos. I am expecting more torque, much quicker spool up and a lot more fun. Regardless what power it manages to make, the motor should be ready for a larger turbo and bigger injectors whenever I decide to take the car to the next level. All the parts are ordered and I can't wait to see the finished product. The opportunities are endless and my Evolution V will never stop evolving. Stay tuned for further updates and a short film of the car in its current state coming soon!